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The Word “Spa” Stands for the French line “Solus Per Aqua”. It indicates treating the body with water from natural springs. These treatments were done in the 17th century. The modern day spa has combination of treatments done to soothe your inner self and your outer body . A spa offers you the opportunity to de-stress or energies your mind, body and soul.

Spa Treatments

In a health spa you can use assortments. Keeping in mind that they have to be traditional making use of natural products. The treatment can be classified in to four categories.

  • 1. Relaxing the mind

  • 2. Relaxing The body

  • 3. Energizing the body

  • 4. Beautifying the body

Treatments for Relaxing the mind - Treatments like Meditation, Pranayam, Music Therepy, Aroma therapy allows you to relax the stressed nerves and relive the mental tension.

Treatments for Relaxing the Body – Treatment like Body massage, Facial massage or head & shoulder massage allows you to relax the muscle tension.

Treatment for Energizing the Body - Treatments like acupressure, steam Therapy, lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Therapy, Yoga asans, Pranayam & wraps allows you to rejuvenate, detoxify and thus energies the body.

Treatment for Beautifying the Body - Treatments like Face or body Scrubs, Manicure, pedicure and application of pack to beautify the skin and nourish it allows to beautify & pamper the outer body from head –to- toe